Clinch Mountain Echo

The Mountain Echoes - Hand In Hand With Jesus

(RSS-4563) c1982

Hand In Hand With Jesus

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I've not been able to find a copy of this album, but it was reviewed in the April 1983 edition of 'Bluegrass Unlimited' who said:-

"Here is another bluegrass offering closely mirroring the Stanley Brothers' tradition. The 10 gospel selections are mostly from The Stanley repertoire and include expected pieces like White Dove, Are You Washed In The Blood and Honey In The Rock all performed with overt dedication. Although the recording is slightly muddied in spots, the end results fall within the bounds of acceptability. However, for their future recording efforts, the Mountain Echoes would do well to concentrate on developing their own identity and avoid carbon copies of other recordings. If the contents here are any indication, they certainly possess the talent and finesse to pull it off."

I guess this would be the first release to feature Buddy Moore and Sammy Adkins. Buddy and Ralph can also be heard on the video of the CMB's from Santa Monica April 1983, trying to sell a copy on 8-track.[1]

Sammy Adkins later reissued the album on CD-R as The Early Years.

The 'Bluegrass Unlimited' review gives 'Linvil Lewis' as a contact name, so I'm not sure which is correct 'Lenvil' or 'Linvil'.

Thanks to Steve Wisner for the updated info/corrections.

If anybody can help with any more info, or a copy of this LP, please get in touch via the Contact form. Thanks!

Side One:
Honey In The Rock

The Darkest Hour

R. Stanley
I'll Wear A White Robe

Luther G. Presley
Shake Hands With Mother

W.A. Berry
Nobody Answered Me

Albert E. Brumley
Side Two:
Are You Washed In The Blood

Elisha Hoffman
White Dove

C. Stanley
Purple Robe

P.D. arr R. Stanley
Hand In Hand With Jesus

L.D. Huffstutler / Rev. Johnson Oatman Jr.
Memories Of Mother

C. Stanley


Go To Top Of Page [1] Ralph and Buddy can be heard trying to sell the tape at around 57:48min and 1:26:34min into the excellent 2 hour plus performance from the Bluegrass Cafe, Santa Monica CA, 18th April 1983. It's really neat to see the CMB's in a smal club setting - having a lot of fun!