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The Goins Brothers - Bluegrass Blues

(Plantation PLC-67) 1984

The Goins Brothers - Bluegrass Blues
Cassette inlay Bluegrass Blues (MB-147) Single Hateful Thing (MB-147) Single

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This cassette consists of an album the Goins Brothers recorded in the early '70s, but which not released at the time. How do we know this? Well, a single from the sessions did get released in 1974: Bluegrass Blues / Hareful Thing (Jessup MB-147) and the labels for that advertised this 'Bluegrass Blues' LP (Jesup MB-148), but it remained in the can until this cassette saw light of day a decade later.

Much of the material on the album is drawn from the early '50s bluegrass catalogue, with the raw bluegrass feeling that epitomised much of the early classic Lonesome Pine Fiddlers material. Songs include versions of the Stanley Brothers Our Last Goodbye; Jimmy Martin & Bobby Osborne's She's Just A Cute Thing / Blue Eyed Darlin (originally recorded by Jimmy Martin and Bobby Osborne in 1951 with Curly Ray and Charlie Cline);[1] plus the Lonesome Pine Fiddlers / Flatt & Scruggs classic Pain In My Heart.

The brothers also re-cut Across The Sea Blues for Rebel in Nov. 1974,[2] so perhaps the non-release of 'Bluegrass Blues' was a consequence of them switching labels? Incidentally, the brothers also recorded Across The Sea Blues on their 1969 debut LP 'Bluegrass Hits' (Goins 1041) (reissued as 'Bluegrass Hits: Old And New' (REM LP-1041) 1969.

Other songs include Gonna Lay Down My Old Banjo which is a variant on the Delmore Brothers' Gonna Lay Down My Old Guitar and Don Reno's 1951 comedy number Barefoot Nellie.

Although the cassette has no liner notes, I'm guessing that the line up would have been similar to 'A Tribute To The Lonesome Pine Fiddlers' (Jessup MB-139) from late 1973.

Worth noting also that Bluegrass Blues and Hateful Thing were co-written by Mike Paxton, who was a DJ for WLSI in Pikeville Ky, and that Melvin later re-recorded Bluegrass Blues on his 'Bluegrass Blues' CD (Hay Holler HH-CD-1346) 1999.

If you can find a copy of this album it is well worth checking out!

Possible line-up:

Side One:
Bluegrass Blues

Mike Paxton / Kentucky Slim / Melvin Goins
Our Last Goodbye

C. Stanley
She's Just A Cute Thing

Roy Martin
Gonna Lay Down My Old Banjo

Alton Delmore
Across The Sea Blues

Jimmy Martin
Barefoot Nellie

Don Reno / Jim Davis
Side Two:
My Blue Eyed Darling

Jimmy Martin / Bobby Osborne
Pain In My Heart (Blues On My Mind)

Bobby Osborne / Larry Richardson
Hateful Thing

Mike Paxton / Kentucky Slim / Curly Ray Cline
Wildwood Flower

A.P. Carter
Long Journey Home




Go To Top Of Page [1] Gary Reid's liner notes to 'The Best Of King and Starday Bluegrass' 4xCD box set (King/Gusto KG-0952-4-2) 2004.
[2] Liner notes to 'Rebel Records 35 Years Of The Best In Bluegrass' 4xCD box set (Rebel 4000) 1997. Across The Sea Blues was the kick-off track on their eponymous Rebel debut 'The Goins Brothers' (Rebel SLP-1543) 1975.