Clinch Mountain Echo

Charlie Moore & Bill Napier - Collectors Edition

(Old Homestead OHCS-121) 1975

Charlie Moore & Bill Napier - Collectors Edition
Rear Cover

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This is a partial reunion album of sorts by Charlie Moore and Bill Napier, and in addition to Bill features former CMB's Al 'Towser' Elliott, Chubby Anthony (on Old Chain Gang) and Henry Dockery (on Katy Hill).

Several other CMB's played with Moore & Napier in the '60s including Ralph Mayo, Curley Lambert and Jim Williams, but Chubby Anthony didn't seem to get to record with them.[2]

Bill Napier is unfortunately only featured on seven cuts, playing on all of Side One and only Friends In Baltimore on Side Two... which is a bit underhand given the title and cover design.

Nonetheless, it is a fairly decent album, and includes a few songs familiar to Stanley acolytes. Al Elliott's Heaven Seemed So Near was recorded by the Stanley's and he also played on the original version of If That's The Way You Feel from their Mercury years (unreleased in the States at the time).

Several of the songs have quite depressing lyrics, beyond the typical "bluegrass murder / cheating / unrequited love" quota. This is hardcore bar-room bluegrass, and even the usually cheerful Handsome Molly seems to a little down in the dumps...

Charlie Moore had a great voice, and it's a shame there hasn't been any decent CD collections of either his days with Moore & Napier or his solo material.

(a) on all tracks on Side One and Friends In Baltimore.
(b) on Old Chain Gang.
(c) on Katy Hill.
(d) on Christmas Dream.
(e) on Katy Hill, Nashville Skyline Rag and Handsome Molly.
(f) on 'most' cuts except Katy Hill.
(g) on Christmas Dream.
(h) on Katy Hill.
(i) on Katy Hill.
(j) on all tracks on Side Two except Friends In Baltimore and Christmas Dream.
(k) on Handsome Molly, Nashville Skyline Rag and Old Chain Gang.
(l) on all cuts except Handsome Molly, Skyline Rag, Katy Hill, Old Chain Gang and Christmas Dream.
(m) on all cuts except Christmas Dream, Handsome Molly, Nashville Skyline Rag, Old Chain Gang and Katy Hill.
(n) on Handsome Molly and Skyline Rag.

Side One:
If That's The Way You Feel

Peggy Stanley / R. Stanley
Heaven Seemed So Near

Ruby Rakes / Al Elliott
My Hearts Bouquet

Gordon Hall / Jimmy Dickens
Just The Thought Of Losing You

Al Elliott
Today I'm Broken Hearted

Al Elliott
Open Pit Mine

D.T. Gentry
Side Two:
Friends In Baltimore

Charlie Moore
My Christmas Dream

Charlie Moore
Katy Hill

P.D. arr Terry Baucom
Handsome Molly

P.D. arr. Charlie Moore
Nashville Skyline Rag

Bob Dylan
The Old Chain Gang

Charlie Moore / Bill Napier

Go To Top Of Page [1] There is a live recordng of Moore & Napier from December 1966 at Zebelean's Lounge, Baltimore, Md. which included Chubby Anthony and Henry Dockery, and even recycles one of the Stanley Brothers comedy routines...