Clinch Mountain Echo

Jarrod Church - What Was That You Said Lord

(No Label No #) 2004

What Was That You Said Lord
Rear Cover CD Tray

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A Gospel CD-R release, featuring John Rigsby on fiddle, and a 'liner note' endorsement by Ralph II. The album was recorded at Castle Recording Studios in Castlewood, Va. presumably in 2004.

It was described in the Feb. 2005 issue of 'Bluegrass Unlimited' as "an adequate offering of bluegrass gospel" and "an everyday band souvenir"... which is a little harsh. While his instrumental Clinch Mountain Banjo album is undoubtedly much better, this CD-R is still worth a spin.

Jarrod is one of a handful of 'Stanley' style pickers. I read somewhere that he travelled with Ralph, selling merchandise, and he has also filled in on banjo with the CMB's from time to time. As evidenced on this album, he's also a pretty good lead guitarist.

John Rigsby also provides tasteful fiddle throughout, although sadly does not contribute any vocals, which are the album's weakest point.

It's not an essential album, but you can tell that the performances come from the heart, and it has a 'soul' that is sadly missing from much modern bluegrass.

What Was That You Said Lord

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