Clinch Mountain Echo

Sammy Adkins - What A Day That Will Be

(No label No #) 2005

What A Day That Will Be (CD-R)
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This is another one that isn't easy to find... but it is a corker! At times the sound is largely indistinguishable from the Clinch Mountain Boys, with Danny Lee Davis coming close to Ralph's tenor and banjo style.

There are several highlights on the album, including Sammy's re-recording of White Oak On The Hill, which he cut first on Ralph's I'll Answer The Call album in 1988.

A couple of the tracks were written by John B. Preston, who also had several songs recorded by Ralph.[1] His songs here, Look Over Me Lord and Voice From Above, are prime 'Stanley' material.

How Long Has It Been credited to Sam Wilson, is pretty much identical to Ralph's version of What About You,[2] originally written by Johnnie & Jack, but with completely new lyrics. Coon Hunter's Heaven, co-credited to Sammy Adkins and John B. Preston, is similarly very similar melodically to Ralph's version of Pray For The Boys.[3]

The a cappella What A Day That Will Be, is also noteworthy and again quite a close replica of Ralph's sound.

The album has also been reissued on CD-R by Sammy Adkins, with inkjet printed inlay and tray.

Thanks to Steve Wisner for the update/corrections to this entry.

Heaven's Light Is Shining On Me

How Long Has It Been

Sammy Adkins?
Wings Of Angels

Ruby Rakes
Coon Hunter's Heaven

Sammy Adkins?
When I've Travelled My Last Mile

Henry Donohue
What A Day That Will Be

Jim Hill
Somebody Touched Me

John Reedy
Look Over Me Lord

John Brenton Preston / Sammy Adkins
The Old Crossroad

Voice From Above

John Brenton Preston
White Oak On The Hill

Mike Todd
Seek Jesus (He May Still Be Found)

C. Stanley / R. Stanley


Go To Top Of Page [1] Songs written by John Brenton Preston which were recorded by Ralph include:- I've Just Seen The Rock Of Ages (Clinch Mountain Gospel); Wicked Wine (Lonesome And Blue); Walking Up This Hill On Declaration Day (I'll Wear A White Robe); and both Old Man Death and Snap A Finger, Jesus on the Pray For The Boys.
[2] on The Stanley Sound Around The World album.
[3] on the Pray For The Boys album.