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Larry Beasley - Back Porch Pickin'

(Atteiram API-C-1677) 1993

Larry Beasley - Back Porch Pickin'

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This is one of those obscure and now hard to find cassette releases, which judging by Dick Spottswood's review in the May 1993 edition of 'Bluegrass Unlimited' features the Charlie Sizemore Band at around the time of Charlie's Back Home album.

Dick's review indicates that the cassette consists of: "...a program of tightly arranged instrumentals, assisted by an assembly of top-notch pickers" and "It's too bad the production doesn't support the high level of picking. Although the mix is very good, the overall sound quality on my copy was somewhat muddy... And the tape ends on a very puzzling note (or series thereof!). After a bluesy and definite ending riff to 'Windy And Warm' there is a full eight seconds of silence. Suddenly the tune starts up again and runs for another 38 seconds before being faded out..."

If by any miracle anybody's got a copy of this one... or can provide more details / better cover image, please get in touch via the Contact page!

Side One:
Larry's Landmark

Larry Wayne Beasley
No Title Yet Blues

Eric Weissberg (?)
Buck Creek

Larry Wayne Beasley
Willow Garden

Jerusalem Ridge

Bill Monroe
Side Two:
Lonesome Road Blues

Earl Scruggs (?)
Rambler Ride

Larry Wayne Beasley
Nashville Blues

Earl Scruggs
Country Roads

John Denver / Bill Danoff / Taffy Nivert (?)
Windy And Warm

John D. Loudermilk (?)


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