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Hook And Beans - The Girl I Left Behind

(River Track Studios RTS-1122) 198?

The Girl I Left Behind
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This is another quite obscure cassette release, and is mainly notable for The Girl I Left Behind which borrows the melody from Bill Monroe's classic Can't You Hear Me Calling and The House Of Too Much Trouble, which was first recorded in 1901 by Harry MacDonough.[1] Buddy's version of House... has some different lyrics and melody, but both are thematically similiar tales of childhood death, and it scores high on the 'plum pitiful' bluegrass-o-meter!

Listening to Buddy sing, it's pretty obvious that he's a big Stanley fan, and by and large does a good job of imitating the Stanley sound. It no surprise then that the other eight tracks, are all drawn from the Stanley repertoire.

No personnel are listed on this release, but I'm guessing that they are similiar to the Sweetest Love cassette that Buddy recorded with Sammy Adkins... The cover photo's in any case look like they're from the same session.

Side One:
The Girl I Left Behind

All The Love I Had Is Gone

Roy Lee Centers / Archie E. Jones
Are You Waiting Just For Me

Ernest Tubb
House Of Too Much Touble

Will A. Heelan / J. Fred Helf
Lonesome Old Song

Gene Duty / R. Stanley
Side Two:
Single Girl, Married Girl

A.P. Carter
Daughter Of Geronimo

Wendy Smith / R. Stanley
There Is A Trap

Bill J. Lindsey
The Hills Of Roane County

William Maberry
Dream Of A Miner's Child

Robert Donnelly / Will Geddes


Go To Top Of Page [1] You can hear Harry MacDonough version on youtube: or Library Of Congress: Buddy's version is also on youtube: